Another New Year Arrives: January 2021

The “Re’s” And The “Tions’” –
by Elaine Corrington
HURLEYVILLE–There are so many ways we can fail to live up to the expectations of others—or those of ourselves– at that most anticipated day of the year for being a better person than we have ever been. New Year’s Day!
It is a day of promise. A day for thought and planning. A day we may have actually been thinking about since Thanksgiving, when our failure to be the best person we had planned to be (given last year’s serious analysis) manages to crash into our recognition that we are unable to give Thanks for accomplishing our last New Year’s Resolutions.
In fact- it can become clear that we have never totally lived up to the self we have pictured and pursued for many New Year’s Days. Some Resolutions are so simple and stupid that we can’t even reveal them to others. Some are so difficult and complex that we can’t admit them. Some are repeated so often through the years that we vow not to make Resolutions this year- even though that is a Resolution itself, darn it.
Let’s take a look at the beginning and end of the word, Resolution. “Re” indicates either again or backward. Cousin letters of e can also appear in the family. Either meaning can be positive or negative. Does it have to be negative, or is it just a natural part of the learning curve of change?
“T-i-o-n” at the end of the word indicates the idea or action needed to accomplish the middle of the word- the VERB. Resolutions exist in a family of words that can get us closer and closer to goals that bring us joy or satisfaction, and the mental knowledge we need to get closer and closer- or to change with the realization that we have a newly recognized value that can mean more to us than our original target.
Resolution: you were determined and had decided to act. Reconsideration: what worked and what didn’t work? Ramification (yes the e is an a- get over it!): success or failure? Rumination: why did a plan succeed or fail? Revelation: what does that say about the plan you had made? Recrimination: Should you have made a different plan for the failures,and should you employ successful plans in new ways to succeed in the future? Repolarization: Change it up- either the goal or the method! Rebellion: but I don’t want to! Reimagination: but if I did, look what could happen! Reorientation: do I change my goal or my method- which will have the better outcome, now that I think about it? Reorchestration and reconstruction (twins): what preparation do I have to make so that the new goal or method will be successful? Reincarnation: this is how the plan and the method will work. Resonation: this is the best resolution I have made, and it is worth revision when needed. Regularization: get to work and keep at it. Revitalization and re-evaluation: did this work so well that I want a new and more demanding and important goal?
Is New Year’s Day rolling around again? Did the “Re’s” and the “Tion’s” lead to “resolution revolution” or “resolution recrimination?”
Either way, happy New Year!