Paper Clips: April 2021


by Elaine Corrington

Time Just Ain’t What it Us’ta Be
So many goals. So many “have-to’s”. Not even enough time to plan out the most efficient ways to get everything on our lists done- and making plans to make even more lists to make sure that we can make do with the time we have left at the end of the day, week, month, year, or lifetime ahead of us….stretching out in front of us like the Hurleyville Rail Trail before time, the great wreck, cars, electric scooters, sneakers, the internet, and the pandemic all rolled beyond our real or imagined ability to use the time we had in the ways we needed or wanted. Was the Hurleyville Great Train Wreck possibly a metaphor for the future?
Temporary? Not yet. Annoying? Do you know even one person who is thoroughly practicing and loving the limited options and the interrupted solutions that used to be available to them? The options that they had spent so much time organizing– or trying to organize– for success with life choices?? Were the people most at ease the smart ones or the crazy ones? Do the limitations on who you can see, how often, how closely, how safely, how protectively (and where in shared real or invented space you can spend time together) sometimes affect you positively or negatively in ways you could not have predicted?
There is a good chance you now have more time available to ponder planning life as we move forward from here in whatever direction wins out. Will distant relations aided by modern technology win out over closer and more personal interactions? Will we listen to ourselves more closely? Do we have the time NOW to contemplate time and action in the future that allows us to succeed in being who we think we want to be?
That “time bank account” doesn’t have to be emptied with time expenditures of no great value. This is a decision that we can make for ourselves, with plenty of time right now to make sure how we use our time– even in a pandemic– can be our choice.
Or not.
What to choose, what to choose. Who to be. How to get there. It ain’t at all what it us’ta be.