The Scene: May 2022

The Scene
By Jane Harrison
May 2022

I’m sure I’m not alone in being glad to see the back of April. Between the freak snowstorm that dumped an estimated nine inches on our area, the geomagnetic storms from the eruptions of our sun, to my mundane fight with FedEx over packages delivered somewhere but not to me, it had more than just me crying “Uncle”.

All that aside, there were also some extremely bright spots. When my friend JESSE P POLLACK says he’s going to do something, he does it. With two successful true crime books and a documentary under his belt, this last month saw the unveiling of his newest venture, THE ARROWHEAD, a small magazine that relies on others for its content. I was impressed by the unique look of it. It’s small…just the size a Victorian lady might tuck into her handbag or a Victorian gentleman may tuck away in his breast pocket to read later. That society did love their ghosties.

The stories contained within are actual accounts of real people’s experiences from all over the country, including one of my own from right here in Hurleyville (and no, it is not the gentleman who died in the train explosion). The typeface is that of an old typewriter, which adds to the ambiance and the back cover sports what can only be described as a ghostly handprint.

He made it available through his Etsy shop, because who knew if it would be of interest, and every single copy he had had printed sold out within one day! Although this copy deals strictly with ghosts, the next will deal with another subject. At present, he is planning to publish quarterly.

I visited two new venues in April…and by new, I mean really brand spankin’ new. The first was THE TANGO CAFÉ in Hurleyville for their ‘first Monday’ (meaning the first Monday of the month) Open Mic hosted by CASWYN MOON. The TANGO CAFÉ sits behind the HURLEYVILLE ARTS CENTER just off Main Street and looks deceptively small from the outside. But upon entering, one finds a generous seating area for dining and an equally generous bar area and a slick New York City vibe.

CASWYN MOON once again shows his organizational skills, in addition to his musical acumen, in not just setting up but keeping the music flowing with few gaps and attracting some of the musicians one rarely sees at Open Mics…including DAVID ROSENBERG who initiated the wildly popular and ongoing Open Mic at DeFILLIPI’S BAKERY in Monticello on Sundays, 11 to 1-ish.

I love Open Mics!!

The much-loved BUM and KEL’S in Loch Sheldrake closed forever during the COVID years. Now it has reopened as KEL’S ON THE LAKE with a completely new look. I was there to see ALBI BELULI. There is a reason he is one of the most sought after performers in several counties. When this man rocks out (which can be difficult for a solo performer), the music he chooses spans decades and that he is able to tie it all seamlessly together. I do believe he is one of those rare ones that can scan an audience and know what to pull out of his vast repertoire.

Also, a big “welcome back” to the reopening of THE GRAHAMSVILLE DELI, THE HEARTBEAT MUSIC HALL OF GRAHAMSVILLE for the summer season, and the OPEN STUDIO on Wednesday evening for all of us soft arts enthusiasts at FIBER ON MAIN (masks required).

And for the first time in a very long time, I may actually be able to give all of you dear readers a schedule of music to go and enjoy next month!

May is looking up!

Stay well, stay safe
Until next time……….