Our Story

For the better part of sixty years beginning in the 1880s, the hamlet of Hurleyville had its own weekly newspaper. Owned and edited by a number of different people over the years, it was published under various banners, including The Hurleyville Sentinel and The Sentinel. Some of the publishers included Moses Pride (1884), Dr. Charles Piper (1885), Sidney Pendell (1904), Ellsworth Baker (1906), Scott Hoagland (1906), H.S. Allison (1907), Irving T. McNally (1910), Ralph H. Northrup (1918), Charles T. Lawrence (1920’s) and Charles B. Lawrence (1930’s).

The paper ceased publication for good in 1942.

A group of community volunteers began discussing the possibility of resurrecting the paper early in 2016 and in June of that year the first edition of the present incarnation of The Hurleyville Sentinel hit the streets. It is currently published monthly, proudly hailing itself as “America’s newest and freshest newspaper.”

Meet the Team

Editor-in-Chief ……………………..  John Conway
Website Editor………………………Kathleen Sullivan



Tommy Abelson, Kelly Adams, Emily Arias, Lily Barrish, Elaine Corrington, Brian Dennis, Win Hadley, Jack Halchak, Jane Harrison,
Rose Mandelbaum, Mimi, Jack Robbin, Jonathan Shimkin, John Simon, Denise Sullivan, Frank Vasquez