Ballgame Bafflers: July 2022


Here are five ballgame bafflers for your consideration. The first person to email the most correct answers to will win a prize. Have fun!

July Questions:
1. The first MLB All-Star game was played on July 6, 1933. Where was it played?
2. What was unusual about the MLB All-Star games from 1959 to 1962?
3. In 1957, fans from one team elected seven of the team’s starters to the All-Star game. What team was it?
4. When was the last year the All-Star game was played in the afternoon?
5. What MLB player appeared in 25 All-Star games in his career….more than anyone else?

June Answers:
1. In what year was the Professional Golfers Association of America formed? 1916.
2. Who was the first professional golfer to open a golf equipment company under his own name? Walter Hagen in the 1920s.
3. Which golfer was the first to win golf’s original Grand Slam, winning the U.S. and British Amateurs and the U.S. and British Opens in the same year? Bobby Jones, 1930.
4. In what year was the first Masters Golf Championship played? 1934.
5. What professional golfer once won 18 tournaments in a calendar year, including 11 in a row? Byron Nelson in 1945.

George Gibson of Hurleyville was last month’s winner with a perfect 5 out of 5 correct answers.