BCES SGA Gives Presents to Pre-K Children: January 2022

BCES SGA Gives Presents to Pre-K Children

FALLSBURG, January 2022—On December 23, Benjamin Cosor Elementary School (BCES) Student Government Association Advisor Peter Dworetsky arrived at the morning and afternoon sessions of Pre-K classes with three SGA elves to provide Christmas gifts to all the children.

He told the classes that the group purchased and wrapped all the gifts for the past many years. Sixth graders Heaven Mathews, Kiara Sauer and Stephon Harris spoke on behalf of the SGA brothers and sisters, and told the younger children how happy they were to bring smiles to their faces.

In the afternoon class, they each shared what was the most special Christmas gift they ever received. The day coincided with the school’s annual Pajama Day so many of the children as well as staff were wearing pajamas. It made the occasion seem like Christmas morning around the Christmas Tree.

The Pre-K children thanked the SGA after they received the individual gifts at a special table set up with gifts next to cut-outs of different shapes. Each child had been given a cut-out to match up with the presents. That was probably the idea of Mr. Dworetsky, who is the school’s Math Coach.

Pre-K teacher Mindy Conciatori and her faithful Assistant, Jennifer Varner, were very pleased to watch the children opening their gifts and shouting out a very loud “Thank you” to the wonderful visitors bearing such wonderful presents.

What a great way to end the first semester of the 2021-2022 school year!