CCHS Dance Team: April 2022

CCHS Dance Team Proves Itself
by Emily Arias
HURLEYVILLE, April 2022 — “I danced my heart out,” said former CCHS dance team member Rowan Bloomer. And dance her heart out, she did.
As CCHS students look for more ways to spend their Physical Education time, one 8th year student, Gabriela Almonte, has started up a completely student-run dance team.
Every season the dance team performs before the entirety of the CCHS school. So far, they’ve performed to Santa Tell Me by Ariana Grande and Boss Ladies by Photronique. The members put in a lot of hard work and spend quite a long time practicing, and they haven’t disappointed their audience. All of their dances are choreographed by Gabriela Almonte and Natalie Westergreen, who later joined Jackson Loretto, Violet Adams, and Emily Arias for a group dance.
Even if dance isn’t everyone’s thing, there are still other ways to participate in the team. Although Rowan Bloomer doesn’t dance anymore, she joins Alyssa Williams to help with special effects and, occasionally, with costume pieces. Speaking of costume pieces, in the most recent performance, members of the dance team were dressed with top hats and glitter, making for quite the fun and entertaining performance.
CCHS teacher, Alex Broz, was the teacher to make the dance team official. In an interview, he said that he “saw a lot of passion for dance and (I) wanted to give them a chance to practice, really develop their skills, and work together as a team.”
Mr. Broz was impressed with the dance team, and praised them.
“It’s very difficult to create a team, and perform under pressure without adult supervision, so I think they’ve done great handling conflict, but needed help at some points,” he said.
Overall, the dance team has proved to be more than talented at what they do, and all of CCHS looks forward to seeing them perform again.