CNN Covers TCFD Vaccine Roll Out: February 2021

by John Conway

HARRIS—Thanks to visionary hands-on leadership and diligent employees, The Center for Discovery has so far handled the complicated COVID-19 pandemic better than most similar facilities, and the recent implementation of a vaccination program for residents and staff is the latest aspect of that.
According to Michael Rosen, the Executive Vice President for Marketing and Communications at TCFD, by the end of this month, about 93 per cent of The Center’s residents and more than 600 staff will have received the required two doses of vaccine. It is expected that those receiving the shots will achieve 95 per cent immunity from the COVID-19 virus.
TCFD’s vaccination program for residents was recently the subject of a segment of the CNN news program, “Anderson Cooper 360,” as correspondent Gary Tuchman travelled to Sullivan County to cover the initial roll out of the vaccine, producing a poignant report that featured a number of TCFD residents and some parents.
“There wasn’t a dry eye in the control booth when the segment aired,” Mr. Rosen said. The segment can be viewed on CNN’s website at
The Center worked in conjunction with PharmScript administering the vaccines over the course of three dates – spanning from December, 2020 through February, 2021. The vaccine given to staff and residents was the Pfizer vaccine, which was granted Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) by the FDA on December 11, 2020.
The entire process was seamless, and involved The Center’s leadership, Nursing, and Clinical teams, along with many volunteers, all of whom “were extraordinary in their efforts to ensure the vaccinations were highly organized and enjoyable.”
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