Dream Tank Cites Patrick H., Dollard’s “Visionary Support” : June 2022

Dream Tank Cites Patrick H., Dollard’s “Visionary Support”

HURLEYVILLE, June 2022 — The Michael Ritchie Big Barn Center in Hurleyville will be the setting on June 11 when the Dream Tank honors Patrick H. Dollard, C.E.O. of The Center for Discovery, with a lifetime achievement award.

The Dream Tank is a local organization that provides opportunities for young people to learn, grow and excel. Through its work, Dream Tank empowers at-risk youth to discover their purpose in life and make the most of their potential.

A visionary leader in the disability community and founder of The Center for Discovery, Mr. Dollard is known for seeing the human potential in each individual – their abilities, rather than their disabilities– and is a tireless advocate of equal economic and social rights and opportunities for all, especially within the Sullivan County community. Through his partnership with Dream Tank, Mr. Dollard works to provide access and opportunity for young people by way of mentorships, education and job opportunities.

His compassion and vision are considered by many to be instrumental in uniting the fields of mental health, aging and veteran affairs.
“I am humbled to have been selected as an honoree. Dream Tank works diligently to ensure young people in Sullivan County have a bright future – and I am thrilled to support a program where they can express themselves and thrive in whatever it is they hope to do,” Mr. Dollard said, “it is their right to live their lives to the fullest potential.”

Mr. Dollard will receive the award during a recognition dinner – An Evening of Gratitude.

Dream Tank was founded by the Honorable Judge Josephine Finn in order to help at-risk and disadvantaged youth find their purpose and avoid her courtroom.

As a nonprofit organization, Dream Tank empowers young people to find their purpose. It maximizes research-based protective factors such as enrichment, mentorship and character education; thereby minimizing the risk factors that lead to gangs, violence, crimes, substance abuse and teen pregnancy.

Dream Tank guides “the young people in Sullivan County so they don’t follow a way of life that prevents them from having a bright future.”
As explained on their website, the organization understands “that in order for us to successfully connect with them, we must use strategies that are culturally responsive. By doing so, we are able to meet young people where they are and grow along with them in their journey.”
Their after-school programs and activities are designed for the students in Monticello Central School District (MCSD) and other young members of the community. They provide avenues for young people to express their creativity, discover their purpose, and achieve self-actualization.

To donate to the Dream Tank, please go to: https://www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=NYE3KVLJCXLU2