Earth Day through the eyes of a child

by Gabriela Almonte
Homestead School third grade teacher, Ms. Balsano helps students Ahmed (center) and Krisha (right) with their Earth Day projects. PHOTO BY GABRIELA ALMONTE

GLEN SPEY – Earth Day occurs every year on April 22. It was founded in 1970 by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson.
At my school, the Homestead School, we made litter bugs instead of regular bugs because of Earth Day. We also made three bottles that have different things in them. The first one had grass in it, the second one had leaves in it, and the third one had dirt in it. It was an experiment because when you put water in the big bottles with their cap off, the water in each bottle will look or get darker and darker and to me, it was very cool.
Earth Day is about taking care of our Earth so it stays forever, like “do not litter.”
That’s a good reason because sometimes if you litter on the beach it can hurt animals and make them endangered. At school we have an Earth Day Pledge of Allegiance. It includes: “I pledge not to litter on the ground” and “I pledge to be nice to people that surround me.”
Earth Day is also very special to me because it’s my grandma’s birthday and that’s cool.
Happy Earth Day, everyone.