Fallsburg Town Board Considering a Sports Dome: May 2022

Fallsburg Town Board Considering the Idea
by John Conway

SOUTH FALLSBURG, May 2022 — The Fallsburg Town Board may be actively seeking funding soon for a year around sports facility in the town that could be used by multiple organizations for many different things.
Details as to the size of the structure and the form it would take have yet not been disclosed, so no cost estimates could be discussed. No sources of funding have yet been identified. At this time, it is just an idea, floated at a Town Board work session last month by councilman and deputy supervisor Sean Wall-Carty. Although he enthusiastically introduced the idea at the meeting, Mr. Wall-Carty told The Sentinel that he could not take credit for it.
“This was NOT my idea, this was Kathy’s idea,” he said, referring to supervisor Kathy Rappaport. “She wanted something for people to do in the winter.”
Mr. Wall-Carty says the “sports dome” would likely be in the 100,000 square foot range, but put off providing any other details on the idea.
“We are working on cost estimates, we have a possible location in mind, but we want to wait until we are further along with the project if it is approved by the Town Board before we disclose any details.”
Mr. Wall-Carty says the Town Board’s reception to his initial mention of the project was “positive” but no vote has yet been taken on whether or not to pursue funding for the idea.
He says the facility could provide residents throughout Sullivan County an opportunity to be active during the winter months by making soccer, tennis, football, jogging or walking on the indoor track possible. This is particularly important in a county which typically ranks almost at the bottom in health outcomes in New York State, he added.
Sullivan County is typically at the very bottom— last or next to last— among counties in New York State in the health rankings compiled annually by the non-profit Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.
Mr. Wall-Carty said the Town Board will likely seek input from the public on the proposed idea and, if they decide to move forward with it, will seek outside sources of funding, including from New York State’s Empire State Development office.
“We think this could be a great thing for people of all ages,” Mr. Wall-Carty said. “We hope our idea is selected for funding.”