FCSD Passes Budget and Elects New BOE Member: June 2022

FCSD Passes Budget and Elects New BOE Member

FALLSBURG, June 2022 — Superintendent Dr. Ivan Katz announced to the Fallsburg Central School District staff the passage of the School Budget and the election results of the Board of Education membership seats on the ballot. He thanked the school community for approving our 2022-23 budget! He added that, “the Board of Education and Administration worked hard to put a budget together that balances what our students need with what taxpayers can afford. The District’s budget season goal was to create a tax levy decrease. That goal was achieved. The tax levy is 1.67% less than the previous school year’s tax levy.”

Dr. Katz congratulated and welcomed the newest member of the Board of Education, Ms. Colleen Picciotti. Ms. Picciotti was voted into office this past May 17, 2022 and assumed the role of Board Member on May 18, 2022. Additionally, Fiorella Muscia won her seat. Regina McKenney-Snead won the vacated seat of Debra Barbiani, and Arlene Hussey won her seat.

Concluding his statement, the Superintendent of Schools said, “I would like to thank our school community for supporting us and I would like to congratulate our school board winners and wish us all the very best of everything as we move forward.”