From the Files of the Hurleyville Sentinel: March 2022

FROM THE FILES OF…The Hurleyville Sentinel

Compiled by Sullivan County Historian John Conway _____________________________________________________________________________________________

The original Hurleyville Sentinel ceased publication in 1942 and became part of the Bulletin-Sentinel, a weekly newspaper published in Monticello. The following items appeared in that publication:

March 3, 1959
Fallsburg Plans New Town Hall
Fallsburg will have a new Town Hall to relieve overcrowding at the present town office which has been used for 22 years.
Monday night the Town Board approved a proposition which will allow the Fallsburg Parking District to renovate the former O&W railroad station into a town hall.
The proposal includes provisions for the township to lease the building at a cost of $2,000 annually plus interest. Total cost of the renovation is not to exceed $40,000.
Fallsburg officials point out that the one room presently used by the township is far too small for the various departments. Everything must be kept in the one room and there is no privacy for those coming to see officials.
The new building will have supervisor’s office, utility office, water department office, room for the town clerk, a 24 by 24-foot courtroom for trials and public meetings and a jury room. Also there will be a room for the police and an assessors’ room.
Plans call for advertising for bids next week. Officials hope to receive bids by the end of the month and start of the project this spring.
March 10, 1959
School Addition Work Delayed
The 387-foot addition to the Grahamsville School will not be completed by the September first deadline, it was learned today from W. Eugene Ross, Tri-valley Central School principal.
Reason for the delay was the extremely cold weather this winter, the school head stated. The contracts were awarded October 23 but contractors were unable to do any ground-moving work since. Thus it will be nearly a year before the work can be completed the school head indicated
The new construction will be on the back of the present building which is along Route55 east of Grahamsville. At the far end of the wing will be 14 elementary classrooms and between the new rooms and the old building will be a new cafeteria and gymnasium.
According to the principal, there is a total enrollment of 618, which is expected to jump to at least 650 next year. The capacity of 825 for the new building is expected to be reached by 1965, the principal noted. There are now 65 pupils in the kindergarten. The faculty has 29 members, including Mr. Ross.
Tri-Valley started out as a consolidated district, with 13 school districts, in 1945. Total number of students was 142. In July, 1946, it became a union free school and in 1960 three district, Bradley, Hasbrouck and Thunder Hill, were taken in.
This was reduced to a total of 15 when Tri-Valley lost the Lackawack District to Ellenville Central after a court battle. However, Divine Corners was added in 1951, In February, 1957, three Claryville districts were added, and in May, 1957, the state allowed the district to centralize. There now are 22 former districts in the Central School.
March 17, 1959
Corporation Buying Morningside Hotel
Sale of the modernized Morningside Hotel property between Hurleyville and South Fallsburg was disclosed by a deed filed at the county clerk’s office last Wednesday.
Earlier that day it had been learned from Mack Weiner, formerly comptroller at Monticello Raceway and former operator of a hotel at Livingston Manor, that he was president of New Morningside Associates, Inc., owner and operator of the hotel.
The deed gave purchasers of the resort property as Hen-Ro-Lil Realty Corp. of South Fallsburg.
Mr. Weiner said several others were associated with him in the purchase. No names were given, however. Seller was the Morningside Hotel Corp. of Hurleyville and the deed was signed by Louis Zuch, as president.
The deed also notes that the transfer is made of the rights and privileges of the seller to use of the golf course located on the premises of Morningside Park Development Corp.
The hotel, which is undergoing a million dollar renovation and rebuilding program, has to be seen to be appreciated. Last year a 60-room luxury unit was constructed by Farber. Each room is heated and has individual air conditioning control. Directing the construction for Farber is Henry Farber of South Fallsburg, president.
The main building on the premises was renovated with such things as a juggler’s lounge, with circular bar and striking color scheme. There is an orchid room adjoining which has the intimate touch so sought after for small parties and gatherings.
The resort has all the other features in a modern resort, such as night club, a rebuilt swimming pool, beautiful lobby and auxiliary rooms. The buildings are on the east side of the lake which has some of the area’s best bass fishing.
Being torn down is the original 65-room main house of the resort, which is across the highway from the new buildings. Like most big resorts in the region, the new owners are looking toward the future and are thinking of such things as an indoor pool, ski runs and winter operation. 18-hole golf course north of the lake will be completed this spring.
Mr. Weiner, who brings to the resort several years of hotel operating knowledge, is planning a program to make the resort one of the best in the mountains.
There are accommodations for 400 and everything will be ready for the opening just prior to Decoration Day. Mr. Weiner said that the resort will cater to local banquets and gatherings. Its resort menus will be built around an international cuisine which will feature shrimp and lobster.