From the Files of the Hurleyville Sentinel: January 2021


Compiled by Sullivan County Historian John Conway
January 14, 1938
Drivers Warned Against Dangers of Winter Roads
Driving at reduced speeds will prevent many “winter” accidents, Motor Vehicle Commissioner Charles A. Harnett told State motorists today.
“Driving hazards increase during the winter months with the combination of early darkness and unfavorable weather conditions,” Harnett declared. “Reduced speed enables the motorist to have his car under better control and to cope more effectively with whatever emergency might arise.
In addition to emphasizing the need for keeping windshields clear of ice and snow, the Bureau offers the following suggestions for application of brakes on slippery roads.
1. Use your brakes carefully. Press lightly at first and release quickly. A series of brief, moderate brake actions will aid in stopping car without skidding.
2. Keep the wheels of the car revolving to prevent skidding and to stop more quickly.
3. Take your foot off the gas, but do not release the clutch until the car is almost to a standstill. The slowing down of the engine will aid the brakes in reducing speed.
4. In case of a skid, turn your steering wheel so that the front wheels will be headed in the direction the car is skidding. This will tend to bring to rear wheels back into their proper position on the road.
Teachers Hear Plea for Zeal
Although he condemned their objectives, Dr. Roland G. Will, education instructor at the New Paltz Normal School, recommended the zeal of Italian, German, and Russian teachers to almost 300 teachers who met at the Monticello High School on Monday night to form the Sullivan County Teachers Association. Chairman of the meeting was William McKernan, principal of Woodridge High School.
“We must have the zealot’s desire to do something about things that trouble us,” Dr. Will said in his discussion of dangers presently confronting democracy, and of the influence teachers might exert in eliminating them.
“The difference between the real teacher and the complacent routinist is a knowledge of what is happening outside the classroom and correlating it to classroom instruction,” Dr. Will remarked. “The danger to our democratic way of life is no longer theoretical or remote, but a real thing, now with us,” Dr. Will warned. “If we teachers could become as enthusiastic about the teaching of democracy as the teachers of the three dictatorial countries are about their own current national philosophies, we would no longer be uncertain of the fate of our democratic system.”
January 15, 1937
Liberty Ski Fans Greet Light Snow
With the ground again blanketed with a light fall of snow after two weeks of the balmiest weather in the memory of Sullivan County natives, sponsors of the Liberty Winter Sports Program renewed their activities this week on Walnut Mountain, where, if the snow holds out, Sullivan’s first contingent of skiing fans from New York City will disport themselves this weekend. On Friday night at seven o’clock, the first of a series of O&W weekend snow trains is slated to leave Weehawken.
The first O&W Sunday snow train was to have been run last Sunday, but the lack of snow called the trip off.
Dry Township Receives Last Liquor Tax Refund
Neversink township, which adopted local option by a vote at the November election, received this week from County Treasurer Roy C. Johnston the last revenue which it will derive from the alcoholic beverage tax. Towns in which local option exists cannot share in the pro rata distribution of beer, wine, and liquor taxes. The final check for Neversink, Mr. Johnston disclosed, was for $926 and represented a delayed payment for the period ended September 30th.
Hillig Introduces Two Dairy Bills
Assemblyman Otto Hillig introduced two bills in the Assembly this week, both of which pertain to dairy farming.
The first would provide for the creation of a committee to be appointed by the Governor to make an investigation of the spread between the price paid to the dairyman and that paid by the consumer.
The second bill provides authority to the Department of Agriculture to audit the books and records of all milk dealers including co-operatives. This would check up to ascertain whether or not the milk producers are receiving fair financial returns on the milk shpped by them.
January 29, 1937
Rivoli to Close for Two Weeks
On or about February 10th, the Fallsburg Rivoli Theatre will close down for approximately two weeks during which time extensive alterations and remodeling will take place.
On the reopening date, tentatively set for Washington’s Birthday, movie goers will be presented with an entirely new Rivoli, modern in every detail and completely rebuilt from lobby to screen, with seating capacity increased to 700.
New seats, new projection, new stage and screen, new vari-colored lighting system, new ladies and men’s rooms, modern lounge and smoking room, and new decorations will all go to make the New Rivoli the last word in theatre construction.
Jack Kaplan, manager of the theatre, states that everything will be new except the name “Rivoli” which has always stood and always will stand for the ultimate in screen entertainment.
Judge Kove to Lecture on Brandeis
Justice Moses L. Kove of Hurleyville has accepted an invitation of the Jewish congregation of Liberty to address the members at the Liberty synagogue on Friday evening, February 5th. His theme will be “Justice Brandeis, the Liberal.” Jews throughout the United States this year are celebrating the eightieth birthday of Brandeis, one of the great jurists of the country, who was appointed by President Woodrow Wilson.
Kove has become a popular speaker in both political and social organizations of Sullivan County. He is an active member of the Zionist movement in this region.