From the Firehouse: March 2017

By Jack Halchak, Past Chief Hurleyville Fire Department

The Hurleyville Fire Department is always looking for new recruits, whether it is to drag hose and fight the flames of a fire, or to help in the back­ground. We even provide free training and gear. Stop by the firehouse any Monday night to see what we are all about and see how you can help us.

The Hurleyville Fire Department and the Town of Fallsburg Youth Com­mission recently held their 29th Annual Ice Fishing Contest on Morn­ingside Lake on Brick­man Road in Hurleyville. The day started clear, with temperatures in the mid-twenties. As I ap­proached the lake at the early hour of 4:30 AM, I could see lights and fires on the backside of the lake already. As the day progressed, the tempera­tures rose into the mid-30s, with no wind and the sun peeking out every once in a while for a great day on the lake.

By day’s end there were 160 ice fisherpeople on the ice.

At 3 o’clock sharp the contest ended and the raffles and trophies were given out.

Once again, there was a number of large bull­head caught. And for the first time in a number of years there were a lot of crappies caught. There were about a dozen that weighed in at over a pound.

Most of the fish were released back into the lake. Of course a few perch were taken home for a fish fry. (Good eatin’!)

In the youth division:

Pan fish

1st Isaiah Hannold

2nd Connor Gorr

3rd Cheyenne Torres


1st Averie Conklin

2nd Chase Beseth

3rd Skylar Henebery


1st Emma Curry, 2.22 lbs. 20.50 inches

2nd Cheyenne Torres, 1.49 lbs., 18.00 inches

3rd Aiden Rausch, 1.44 lbs., 18.00 inches

In the adult division:


1st Ed Schneider

2nd Andy Cook

3rd Shelia Stocker


1st Frank Lehockey

2nd Keven Riley

3rd Todd Angus


1st Ryan Brockner

2nd Darrell Horton

3rd William Hall


1st Eric Ivan, 2.40 lbs., 21.25 inches

2nd William Hall, 2.39 lbs., 20.50 inches

3rd Derek Holmes, 1.88 lbs., 19.50 inches


There was one walleye caught, by Nick Price, 16 inches long and it weighed 1.49 lbs.

In the firemen’s contest the defending champion Tappan Fire Department came in third with 4.43 total pounds. The win­ner of the contest was the Neversink Fire Depart­ment with 6.11 pounds of fish, followed by the Ker­honkson Fire Department in second place with 5.11 pounds.

On the fire side of my job, I responded to a couple of structure fires since my last article. It is suspected that some of these fires were started by heating units. Once again, I cannot stress enough to maintain your heating equipment.

Right now with snow on the ground we should be OK for brush fire sea­son. But, as I write this article the snow is melt­ing and melting fast. Be­fore you know it we will be in brush fire season.

A reminder that the burn ban goes into effect from March 15 thru May 15. That means NO open burning. More on this in my next article.

Be Safe.