From the Firehouse: November 2021

From the Firehouse by Jack Halchak, Past Chief HFD
November 2021

The Hurleyville Fire Department is always looking for help, to fight fire or to support those that do. We even supply all the gear and provide all the training needed for free. Stop by any Monday night and find out how you can help.

We have had fantastic fall weather, but winter will strike at any time. Are you ready?

You can get storm warnings several different ways: In the Town of Fallsburg, you can sign up for Code Red and get all the emergency notifications at It could be by phone, e-mail, or both. Another good one is NY-Alert to receive weather advisories (

As you are reading this, you may have already or are about to change your clocks (you lose an hour). Check your CO and smoke detectors.
Today, all new or replacement smoke detectors must have a ten-year sealed, non-removable battery. If you have a smoke detector that is ten years old or older, or you if do not know how old, your smoke detector is, you should replace it. If you have a newer one, you can still use it, make sure you replace the batteries. Remember: “Smoke Detectors Save Lives.”

By now, all of your heating devices should have been serviced. There have already been at least three fires that involved heating devices.
You should be ready, or be getting ready, for the first snowstorm and/or cold snap.

Halloween is over, and we move on to Thanksgiving. If you are thinking about deep frying a turkey (They are great.), please be careful. We have at least a couple of fires a year from fryers falling over. Put your fryer on a level, noncombustible surface, not inside or on your back deck.
Remember cooking fires are the number one cause of residential fires, so do not leave your cooking unattended.

The call volume in the County is still extremely high. There have been a number of large structure fires this past month involving multiple companies.

I have been on some calls where the house number was not posted. Many of us get our mail in the post office, not at a physical address. Unfortunately, with a structure fire you are easy to find. What about a medical emergency? There are no physical signs to indicate where your house is, or if you need a police agency. Help all emergency services by posting your 911 house number in front of your house. The numbers should be at least three inches tall, reflective, and posted in front of your house. This is especially important if your mailbox is across the street from your house.
Now would also be a good time to check your homeowner’s insurance. Make sure you have the coverage that you need. How about you renters out there? Do you have renters’ insurance? A fire can leave you with nothing. The proper insurance can help you get back on your feet. I have been to a number of fires where the homeowner and/or renter had no insurance. Your insurance can help with not only your possessions, but the clean up after a fire.
Happy Thanksgiving.
Be Safe out there.