From the Weather Center: January 2021

by John Simon

A nor’easter is a very large storm system that brings winds from the northeast and lots of snow or rain.
Nor’easters develop when the cold air and warm water meet, forming a low pressure system. The low pressure system causes clouds to form and a storm to develop. This can happen when cold air from Canada blows over the warm Atlantic Ocean off the east coast.
Nor’easters often form on what is known as the 40-70 line, also called the benchmark. That’s in reference to the longitude (70 degrees west) and latitude (40 degrees north) of a point south of Nantucket in the Atlantic Ocean.
Sometimes a nor’easter can cause thunder snow, which is when the storm gets intense or crazy. Damage from nor’easters can be in the billions of dollars.
This winter could bring lots of nor’easters our way, so stay tuned!