Golf Courses Reopen June 2020

Fallsburg Golf Courses Open—With Restrictions
by John Conway
SOUTH FALLSBURG, June 2020—Both municipal golf courses in the town of Fallsburg, Lochmor in Loch Sheldrake and Tarry Brae in South Fallsburg, are now open to the public with some restrictions.
But as of early May, one of those restrictions—not allowing golf carts to be used—had been lifted.
In addition, Lochmor has announced that it South Woods Brewing Company Grill will be open for take-out orders. At press time, the clubhouse remained closed at Tarry Brae, and golfers were still being encouraged to bring food from local eateries to enjoy while on the course.
The courses are still restricted to advance payment by credit card only, as no cash transactions will be conducted. Tee times continue to be spread farther apart than usual, and golfers are asked to refrain from handling the flagsticks and sharing equipment. No rakes are currently being provided in the sand traps, and bathroom facilities are limited.
The fees for playing at Tarry Brae, cart included are $37 per player on weekends before 1 p.m. and $34 per player on weekends after 1 p.m. On weekdays, the cost is $35 per player and $32 for seniors.
At Lochmor, fees range from $34 per player ($31 for seniors) on weekdays to $36 on weekends till 1 p.m. and $33 after one.
The town of Fallsburg has also announced that as of May 15, the Morningside Park Café is open for take-out orders, Thursday thru Sunday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.