Inquiring Photographer: August 2020

The Inquiring Photographer
by Kathleen Sullivan

Q. Hurleyville is an incredibly special place. What do you like most about it?

I love the new businesses in town. And that folks in the community are practicing the same guidelines as we are so we can continue an almost normal life.

I like everything. The feeling of safety here is the most important thing.

Right now, more than ever, that I feel safe here.

I am marooned in an olive house. The “maroon” house was purchased from Olive Shindler. My family has resided in Hurleyville for over 57 years. Although I was conceived in the Catskills, I was delivered at Brooklyn Jewish Hospital with 105 miles of stretch marks on the cord. The Catskills were our family’s summer retreat. Eventually my parents decided to leave the city for a more peaceful existence. Hurleyville was their choice because of the presence of a “Shul” and the magnificent aromas of Wichinsky’s bagels….not to ignore Freier’s egg creams. When I married my wife, Lela, we also purchased a house in Hurleyville. We raised our family here every weekend and every summer. We continue to enjoy hiking, fishing and eating in the area. Hurleyville continues to grow with many restaurants, beautiful storefronts, the marvelous rails to trails and a new cinema “to boot”. I hope to live to see this marvelous Catskill community continue to flourish as a rural oasis for those seeking shelter from the city storms.