Inquiring Photographer: July 2020

The Inquiring Photographer
by Kathleen Sullivan

Q. If you had a week to do anything in the world what would you do?

CEIL WICHINSKY MACK (with Leroy Brown)
I’d go to England, where my father, Louis “Lebel” Wichinsky, served during WW II, and breathe new life into his wonderful tales about people and places that changed his life forever. I’d retrace his steps to the London bakery where one of the bakers said to him, “You Yanks can do anything. How is it you haven’t yet made a machine to make a bagel?” I’d make a visit to the grand old house on Seafield Road in Lytham St. Anne’s where he was “adopted” by a British family and treated like royalty for the duration of the war. Lastly, I’d head for the Warton Aerodrome, where he was stationed with the US 8th Army Air Corps and assigned to fabricate and build everything and anything needed to fly planes, drop bombs and fix wounded soldiers.

Day 1…I’d take a long bike ride with Mommy and Donald.
Day 2…I’d float on the creek by the rail trail.
Days 3-7…I would take a trip with my family to Florida. I’d go to the beach and visit my Grandpa.

I would play with my video games, legos, and toys.
I’d play with my friends and cousins.

Shut my phones off, get a couple of bottles of Ketel One, and paint my own darn house.