Poetry by Mimi: August 2022


The Rail to the Trail is not a trash dump
For whatever you bring on your walk
We get so distressed when we also see tires
It’s enough to make anyone balk!

The path’s even nice if you don’t want to walk
Just sit on a rock, eat a snack
But no matter the nosh, be it hero or chips
Please take all of your empty things back

There are folks who come to take pictures
Of the flora and birds of all kinds
It’s upsetting to them to see stuff in the pond
So don’t leave any refuse behind

If you’re on the trail on a scooter
Or you rent one of the Fortress bikes
You’ll feel Mother Nature surround you
Then up pops rubbish that’ll make you think “Yikes!”

Please leave the trail as you found it
There’s a mile of steps you can do
Help to keep it pristine for others
By taking your trash out with you

– Mimi
August, 2022