Poetry by Mimi: May 2022


I’m not talking about the one that’s
Taken when someone tries a drug
Nor one that’s taken across the land
By car, plane, boat or tug
I’m referring to the trip one takes
When they pick up a good book
It’s so easy, simply pick one up
And find a comfy nook

Reading is so wonderful
It takes you to another place
It can make you feel different
And leave a smile on your face

Whether history or mystery or a
Book on modern art
Will it be a thick biography or
One with themes of the heart?

Today you can read by listening
It’s so very easy to do
Just search a talking book library
And make a selection or two

You can make reading more exciting
By not reading alone in your room
Join a book club that has a few members
You’ll all read and discuss books by Zoom

If I haven’t convinced you that reading is fun
Then I guess I will leave you alone
But I really am trying to get you to read
So you might take a rest from your phone

– Mimi
May, 2022