Operation Feed June 2020

Sullivan County Non-Profit and Service Clubs Partner with School Districts

FALLSBURG, June 2020– During the mid-afternoon on May 22, four volunteer staff members from Fallsburg Central School District were busy assembling 33 boxes with a total of 174 meals in the cafeteria at Benjamin Cosor Elementary School. In less than an hour, under the direction of Dr. Aleta Lymon, FCSD Family & Community Engagement Director, Leah Exner, Elisa Baum and Kristen Meyer would be in their cars delivering the boxed meals to thirty-one needy families in the Town of Fallsburg.

The scene was being duplicated in the Liberty and Monticello School Districts. All of this was through the effort of Single Bite, a non-profit founded by Kirsten and Sims Foster of Foster Supply Hospitality in Livingston Manor. Among their goals were to create a small moment for children and young adults where the memory of the flavor and the experience has the potential to quietly change the trajectory in life of those who participate.

The assembling and delivery of the meals of garden salad, penne Bolognese, roasted vegetables and chocolate chip cookies created by Chef Baco & the Piccolo Paese Team and provided by Single Bite, came from volunteers at the three school districts through Operation Feed. The sponsors of this part of the project are Liberty Rotary Club, Rotary Club of Monticello and Fallsburg Lions Club. Included in each dinner box for this delivery only was a $50 ShopRite Gift Card provided by a generous and anonymous donor.

The program continued in Fallsburg and the other communities on May 29, and another day after that. Additional volunteers from Fallsburg are Christine Justiniano, Dawne Adams. Veronica Serrano, and Colleen Keaveney.

Those wishing to donate to this wonderful program during the challenging time of COVID-19, are advised to contact Audrey Garro at audrey@asinglebite.org or (845)-482-1030.