Paper Clips: November 2022

by Elaine Corrington
November 2022


Different laughter sounds. Imagine them and produce them. Heh heh, heheheheeheheheheee, HAW HAW HAW, hooooooo, snick snick, K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K.

Loose lip blowing with tiny spit globs coming through. How do you choose them?

Practice by thinking up situations happy, or miserable, or irritating and wild. Or, just boring. And try all of these in each situation:
o Happy Laughter
o Nervous Laughter
o Polite (but not totally convincing) Laughter. (Remember, you may not be speaking to a professional comedian nor be considered one either.)
o Healthy Laughter
o Pathological Laughter. (YOU aren’t THIS person, are you?)

It is not just winter weather that makes winter serious; it can be YOU! Nothing is making you guffaw, darn it. Get Older, Get Colder, and winter seems to come earlier and leave later every year. Errands…are you kidding? You could get killed. Wear a hat, cover your throat, grow hair around your face and neck, wear heavy coats and thick socks and boots, and you are still cold and miserable- AND YOU LOOK BAD AND ACHE.

You are tired of everyone around you. You are slipping and sliding all over the place. Ouch. You can’t leave your car in the usual spot because the snowplows need to make it possible to pretend you can go where you want or need to go. You would like to save heater costs. You are tired of your own uninterrupted thoughts. Winter Solstice- shortest and darkest day of the year. What could make this a HAPPY memory? Will tomorrow be better?



It is not just winter weather that makes winter serious. It can be YOU, Hurleyvillian by address or conviction. The Mayo Clinic as well as many other serious scientists who evaluate health and cures have evaluated laughter from many angles,and have scientifically proven that laughter can aid physical and mental health– if not taken to pathological levels.

How long will it be until you can accept and inspire your own Divine Laughter Intervention by bringing laughter to Hurleyville?

Some simple ideas a laugh-luster Citizen of Hurleyville could do or use to inspire other better ideas: Artistically do some funny snow carving on your car or front porch windows. It will blow away, but it can make people laugh n the meantime. Create a “put yourself in a snowglobe” event and set it up for a one-day contest of photos with prizes for laugh inspiration. Hide funny things in outside places where discovery will lead to loud appreciation. Snow animals doing weird things. Can you burp a snowflake? OOOOOOH, and also… Don’t get plowed!