Poetry by Mimi: December 2020


As I laid down on my pillow
A dream came in my mind
The tree was decorated
With ornaments of every kind

Mom hung up sweet, sweet sugarplums
And strands of tinsel, too
The Christmas bulbs were colored
There were bows of glistening tulle

And an ornament of Santa
With all of his reindeer
Strings of popcorn and a partridge
Nestling in a tree of pears

As the scent of pine wafts through the room
And we clip on Santa’s elves
We step back to check our progress
And feel so proud of ourselves

Now we’ve finished decorating
It was cider that I smelled
We’d picked apples at an orchard
There were mugs that Mama held

The lights, oh, how they sparkled
As the Angel took her place
We added water to the tree stand
And lit the fireplace

My face is in my pillow
And I smile in my sleep
Knowing that these Christmas memories
I will forever keep

– Mimi
December, 2020