Poetry by Mimi: December 2021


Will we have a white Christmas?
Do the weathermen know?
Can we count on our roads
Covered in fluffy snow?

Will children begin preparing their sleds
After dreaming of sugarplums that danced
In their heads?

Even grown men and women
Love to see when it falls
They laugh at the children
Having fights with snowballs

The kids’ noses begin to run from the cold
After forming a snowman from a parson’s mold
And their fingers and toes now start to sting
So they warm up inside and find carols to sing

The dinner was scrumptious, said one and all
As we walked with our guests to the front door down the hall
We stood in the doorway and held each other’s’ hands
And were simply awestruck by our Winter Wonderland

– Mimi
December, 2021