Poetry by Mimi: June 2022


A friend of mine who visited
Exclaimed while walking around
“What a quaint little town you have here”
You can hardly hear a loud sound

izzy’s aunt and Kimmy’s were open
But no hamlet mews was around
At that time Frankie & Johnny’s
Was the main eatery in the town

Fast forward to several years later
We now have more places to eat
Pickled Owl, Casa Mia and Tango
Have menus that cannot be beat

Hurleyville has its general store
That makes the world’s best chocolate chips
For the last minute birthday or shower
You can buy an assortment of gifts

If you’d like to serve something special
Stop by La Salumina someday
The owners make their own salami
And other delicacies are on display

Fortress Bikes rents bicycles and skates
And the thrift shop sells beautiful things
At Fiber on Main you can learn
To weave and use needlepoint rings

The Hurleyville Performing Arts Centre
Shows movies you won’t want to miss
You can take lessons in dance and yoga
Please put our museum on your list

Celebrations are often better
When music is part of the scene
So check out the PartyMaster
You’ll see for yourself what I mean

Before attending that party
A man can stop for a trim
At the barber shop on Main Street
Barber Le’Nard can fill almost any whim

If you’d like to lessen your stress
And improve your body and mind
Sanivan could be the place
They have services of many kinds

We have a new Homestead School
With students who do have very high aims
There’s a park for the kids, a basketball court
All can go there to play many games

There might be a fairy godfather
We extend our thank yous to
For choosing our hamlet to settle in
So his Center can do best what they do

Thanks to Mr. John Conway
Who has so much history to tell
He keeps us engaged in Hurleyville
By editing our Sentinel

– Mimi
June, 2022