Poetry by Mimi: March 2021


Rainbow-colored eggs or
Ones dyed with onion skins
Kids running round to hunt for them
And wondering who will win

The winner gets a basket
It’s who has collected the most eggs
They’ll be breathless and might
Wobble on their tired little legs.

But won’t it be such fun to know
What the basket holds inside?
The winner’s cheeks blush rosy
And she feels a sense of pride.

The other children gather
As she tears the plastic wrap
The grass around the candies
Is now sitting on her lap.

She pulls out the chocolate bunny
That was nestled very deep
Then sees one of her favorites
How she loves marshmallow peeps.

There were M&M’s and Reese’s cups
More than she’d ever seen
And a load of candy Kisses and
A bag of jelly beans.

Then it dawned on her that though she’d won
It would be oh, so unfair
To eat every bit of candy
Without a thought that she should share

So she asked the kids to cup their hands
And began to dole sweets out
They squealed with glee and her heart filled up
Because that’s what sharing is all about!

– Mimi
March, 2021