Poetry by Mimi: March 2022


The days of famine, just memories now
Leaving the homeland, they grieved
A new continent greeted them
Not with arms opened wide
But they remained proud and believed
That they would move forward and make
A future for them and their kin
No matter what it would take!

So, it’s time to get ready to say
“Kiss me, I’m Irish” today
Whether County Cork or old New York
You’re allowed to have fun
Come what may

While watching an ocean of green
Shamrocks on lapels can be seen
Irish eyes are smiling bright
As the day moves to night
One can see what this day really means

There are meals that most families fix
Like shepherd’s pies or fried fish and chips
But there’s so much delight
When you know that Mom might
Prepare corned beef and cabbage…delish!

Some might enter a church for a prayer
Or go into a pub for a beer
But no March 17th goes without
Everybody thinking about
Irish soda bread baked with much care

Now the day is truly complete
Even if there’s been rain, wind or sleet
It’s a wonderful way to end saying “Hooray”
And “Kiss me, I’m Irish” and “Sweet”

– Mimi
March, 2022