Poetry by Mimi: November 2021


Years ago there was the draft
Boys and men were called to serve
They received a 1-Y card
Left home with stomachs full of nerves

But the draft no longer exists
An incredible thing then occurred
All of the military services gained
Enlistees who gave their word

To serve country and mankind
And do the best that they are able
Resulting for many family and friends
Empty seats at the dinner table

How do we show our gratitude
To those who’ve gone to war?
The very ones who’ve kept us safe
Men and women who courageously wore
Uniforms of the Coast Guard, the Air Force and the Marines
The Navy and Armed Forces who know what “war is hell” really means

We’ll never show enough gratitude
For the sacrifices they’ve made
Let’s honor them now and forever
And not let their memories fade

– Mimi
November, 2021