Students Create a Latin American Museum at BCES: May 2022

Students Create a Latin American Museum at Benjamin Cosor Elementary

FALLSBURG, May 2022 — On the morning of April 12th, the fourth-grade dual language class of Ms. Victoria Mattracion and Ms. Natalie Fermanian opened the doors of Room 34 in Benjamin Cosor Elementary School to visitors from the other classrooms. Teachers and students were delighted at the Latin American Museum created by the dual language fourth graders to reveal the richness of the history and culture of every country on that continent.

With so many children in FCSD with roots in these countries, it was a source of great pride to witness the exhibits of posters, crafts, and colorful displays throughout the museum. Student artists stood by their work and answered questions from visitors passing through. Many hours went into transforming the room into a spectacular exhibit. The teachers deserve much credit for helping bring forth the talents of the students.

The smooth transition between each group of visitors enabled the rest of the building to enjoy many offerings at each desk in the room and on the surrounding walls. Every inch of space was utilized to celebrate different cultures. It was a great day of shared smiles for all schoolmates to enjoy.