The Scene: March 2017

By Jane Harrison

There’s been so much hap­pening that it’s hard to know where to begin.

In the middle of winter, one of the things you really do not want to hear is the reason your car won’t start is “the motor is shot.” Big shout out to Catskill Towing in Monti­cello and Sherman’s in Loch Sheldrake for making a truly painful situation a little less painful.

February was friend-filled so I’m going to share some of that with you.

I had a chance to chat with Sara Hulse when she per­formed at the Pickled Owl early last month. This talent­ed singer/songwriter was liv­ing in Loch Sheldrake when we first crossed paths, and after moving more west, has found a comfortable niche for her music in the Pennsylva­nia venues. For her fans, and those of Campfire Jones (love that fiddle!), we hope they’ll come back more often.

I ran into another good friend and former Hurleyville resident, Johnny Jules, last month. Johnny has been a staple of the music scene in this area for decades, em­bodying the Rock and Roll of the original Woodstock. Together now with Nicky Redd on drums, Bobby D on Dobro and Dave D’Arcy on bass, the Johnny Jules Band has been active in a big way with a series of private par­ties being their primary gigs over this winter. Check out the website and their sound at

I’ve mentioned Hurleyville resident Al Defino in previous columns, but I have to say, he never ceases to surprise me. Ever the gentleman, he called me a few weeks back to thank me for doing so. And thenhe lets me know he now has a website. Want to know why he is so revered amongst gui­tarists? Check out and listen for your­self. And after that, hear him live with Larry Ravdin, who is equally accomplished with the sax and flute at Sorrella’s (Fridays & Saturdays)

Also at the Pickled Owl last month, I stopped in to see Debbie Fisher and who do you think she had with her? Lee Karasik on vocals (and kazoo) and Lynne Porter with her wonderful harmonica!! David Rosenberg and Mike Jung each stepped up when Debbie took a break, so it was an evening of nonstop music. Debbie has some really in­teresting festivals coming up for the summer, but more on those as the dates get closer.

The night I attended the Valentine Cabaret it was bit­terly cold but the house was full. I am pleased to add to this schedule the upcoming Sullivan County Dramatic Workshop performances at the Rivoli Theatre in the month they happen.


Every Friday:

Sorrella; AL DEFINO AND LARRY RAVDIN, 6pm-9, 3562 State Rte 55, Kauneonga Lake


March 4th:

HOME GROWN: host Kevin McDaniel , WJFF 90.5FM, 12-1 PM

The Pickled Owl: 6 PM start, 218 Main St, Hur­leyville

March 4:

CHRISSY & JOHNNY (acoustic variety)

March 11:

CATHY PATY & COM­PANY (acoustic variety)

March 18:

SHAKESPEARE’S CURSE (eclectic jam band)

March 25:

KAT & RANDY (acoustic duo)

Every Saturday:

Sorrella; AL DEFINO AND LARRY RAVDIN, 6 PM-9 PM, 3562 State Rte 55, Kauneonga Lake


March 5: The Dancing Cat: AL DEFINO AND LARRY RAVDIN, 2037 State Rte 17B, Bethel

Every Sunday:

MUSIC WHERE YOU LEAST EXPECT IT; 11 AM–1:30ish, DeFillipis Bak­ery, 506 Broadway, Monti­cello

Every Monday:

DUTCH’S OPEN MIC, 7 PM, 205 Rock Hill Dr., Rock Hill


March 14 & March 28: 



March 10:

OPEN MIC at the High Falls Café, 12 Stone Dock Rd, High Falls

Until next time….