Welcome to the Block: April 2022

Morgan Outdoors Comes to Main Street
by John Conway

HURLEYVILLE, April 2022— Lisa Lyons says that prior to opening her highly successful Morgan Outdoors store in Livingston Manor in 2005 she had a revelation.
“I purchased the building in 2002, and as we were fixing it up after our day jobs, I realized that I’d always wished there was a store that complemented the fishing and hunting shops by focusing on the natural world and our enjoyment and appreciation of it,” she said last week.
That’s how Morgan Outdoors came to be. And after 17 years in the Manor, the store is now relocating to Main Street in Hurleyville, the first commercial venture to fill a storefront in the Main Street Mews. Ms. Lyons says the move is just one more step in the ongoing evolution of the business.
“The store started with a mix of footwear, clothing, and gear for hiking, camping, and snowshoeing,” she told The Sentinel. “After I spent some time learning about shoe and boot fitting, the footwear section really took off. With that, came better quality socks, and our fabulous sock wall was born. Customers were thrilled to get personalized footwear fittings and I loved making people’s feet happy. Customers also ask for more outdoor-related and local author books, gifts, greeting cards, games for children and adults, and even outdoor things for dogs, so those departments grew too. It’s so gratifying to provide people with quality products.”
Ms. Lyons says the Hurleyville store will continue to carry most of the familiar products people have come to expect from Morgan Outdoors, including Merrell, Keen, Kuhl, Osprey, and Badger, among others, but she is open to adding new lines once she learns what her new customers want.
“I look forward to responding to the needs and desires of my new neighborhood, too,” she says. “Customers have often given me excellent guidance, and I value listening and learning new things from local people and visitors. If we wish for people to shop locally, we need to try and provide what they want.”
Ms. Lyons is looking for a grand opening to coincide with Earth Week, which this year begins on April 18, with Earth Day on Friday, April 22. After that, it is full speed ahead.
“I’ve been doing senior strolls and sensory walks that fit beautifully along the rail trail, as well as walks for children and families. But I also hope to continue my efforts to host programs indoors that amplify people’s experiences outdoors,” she says.
“I look forward to meeting people of all ages and abilities to share my love of nature experience in the outdoors. We have beautiful green spaces all around us with public access. Now all we need to do is find a way to make time outdoors part of the train of daily life.”