Ballgame Bafflers: April 2022

April 2022

Here are five ballgame bafflers for your consideration. The first person to email the most correct answers to will win a prize. Have fun!

April Questions:
1. In what year did UNLV win the NCAA men’s basketball championship by beating Duke in the final game?
2. In what years did the University of Florida Gators win back-to-back NCAA men’s basketball championships?
3. In what year did the Baylor Bears win the NCAA men’s basketball championship?
4. Through 2021, in what year did the South Carolina Gamecocks win its last women’s national basketball championship?
5. In what years did the Connecticut Huskies win both the men’s and women’s national basketball championships?

March Answers:
1. In what year did all professional and college sports get suspended in March due to the COVID pandemic? (2020)
2. Where has the end-of-season Big East basketball tournament been played annually since 1983? (Madison Square Garden in New York City)
3. Who is the only team to win five games in five days at the Big East men’s basketball tournament? (The University of Connecticut in 2011)
4. What is the highest scoring game in NCAA basketball tournament history? (In 1990, Loyola Marymount defeated Michigan 149-115 for a total of 264 points)
5. What college compiled the longest winning streak in women’s basketball history? (The University of Connecticut, 111 games)

There was no winner last month.