Ballgame Bafflers: May 2022


Here are five ballgame bafflers for your consideration. The first person to email the most correct answers to will win a prize. Have fun!

May Questions:

1. What National Leaguer has the most home runs by a switch hitter in a season?
2. What year did David Wells pitch a perfect game in May?
3. In May of what year did Nolan Ryan pitch his seventh career no-hitter?
4. Who got his 3,000 career hits on May 4, 2018?
5. What historic baseball event took place on May 24, 1935?

April Answers:
1. In what year did UNLV win the NCAA men’s basketball championship by beating Duke in the final game? (1990)
2. In what years did the University of Florida Gators win back-to-back NCAA men’s basketball championships? (2006 and 2007)
3. In what year did the Baylor Bears win the NCAA men’s basketball championship? (2021)
4. Through 2021, in what year did the South Carolina Gamecocks win its last women’s national basketball championship? (2017)
5. In what years did the Connecticut Huskies win both the men’s and women’s national basketball championships? (2004 and 2014)

There was no winner last month.