Fallsburg “Resource Day”: April 2022

Fallsburg Officials Say Innovative “Resource Day” a Success
by John Conway

LOCH SHELDRAKE, April 2022 —Newly elected Fallsburg Councilman Dr. Sean Wall-Carty says local government should be about connecting people to “what’s out there” in terms of resources and services.
Dr. Wall-Carty, who holds a PhD from Western Governors University, says he believes that kind of connection doesn’t happen often enough, so he decided to do something about it.
That’s how the first “Resource Day” in the town of Fallsburg—held at Foxcroft Village in Loch Sheldrake on Sunday, March 27– came about. And from all indications, Dr. Wall-Carty says, it was a huge success, and is likely to be repeated in other locations in the future.
The concept was to connect members of the community with income based free services from weatherization and appliance repair and replacement to rehabilitation and nursing services.
“It started with a woman from Foxcroft who said to me, ‘we need help,’” he says. “I thought about it and just contacted everyone I know. Our goal was to connect people to actual aid.”
Dr. Wall-Carty says there were 22 vendors offering a variety of services present at the Foxcroft event, which drew more than 100 people, including Fallsburg Supervisor Kathy Rappaport and members of the Town Board Miranda Behan and Rebecca Pratt. State Senator Mike Martucci and Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther were also in attendance.
“It was an awesome event,” Dr. Wall-Carty says. “An indication of what can be done when a team works together. Based on the turnout and the enthusiasm, we will definitely try to do this again.”