Casa Mia Coming to Hurleyville: September 2021

New Restaurant to Open
by Brian Dennis

HURLEYVILLE, September 2021—Hurleyville’s Main Street was dealt a devastating blow last spring when the iconic Italian restaurant, Frankie & Johnny’s closed down after more than 40 years in the same location. But the building where the Nardi family spent decades building a following of friends and fans won’t be empty much longer.
A new restaurant and pizzeria named Casa Mia will be opening soon at 205 Main Street.
At press time, there was still no indication of exactly when the new restaurant would open, but all indications point to sometime this month. The new owners got approval for their sign, which made an appearance on the building last month. The Casa Mia Ristorante Corporation, with the 205 Main Street address, was organized in May of this year by Antonio Marica Jimenez.
While nothing will ever truly replace Frankie & Johnny’s, it is encouraging to see another new place to eat opening on Main Street. With the ongoing presence of The Pickled Owl, once the Tango Café finally opens for regular business hours there will again be a variety of options for those looking to eat out in the hamlet.
Welcome to Hurleyville, Casa Mia.