Poetry by Mimi: September 2021


As summer nears its end
We think of just how blessed
We’ve been to be with others
Like family and good friends

Twenty-twenty was so hard
We lost so much that year
But now we all can calmly say
“I feel no sense of fear.”

It’s time to wind the clock
Toward renewed happier days
When the thought of being three feet close
Won’t make us feel so crazed

The children are all set
To be back in school again
They want to see their teachers
And enjoy some time with friends

Let’s look back for just a minute
Pay attention to what we’ve learned
About living through such troubled times
Trusting they won’t soon return

Be good to one another
It’s in the Golden Rule
Treat others as you’d treat yourself
There’s no winning when we’re cruel

– Mimi
September, 2021