FCSD Announces Annual Community Scholarship Awards: June 2020

FCSD Announces Annual Community Scholarship Awards

FALLSBURG, June 2020– For the first time since the early 1950s, the Fallsburg Central School District had to cancel its Annual Samuel Beytin Community Scholarship Fund Awards ceremony, this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Blossom Cohen Dinner created incredible memories for students and staff for 68 consecutive years.

Guidance Counselor Joe Levner announced Samuel Beytin Community Scholarship Award recipients in an email to the District on May 13. The recipients are Kimberly Mahler, Faith Colombo, Tulsi Patel, Nayeli Chacon and Sadia Abohussien.

The Edward Bryan Memorial Scholarship went to Angelica Rodriguez Tellez. Cindy Granados earned the Milton Brizel Memorial Scholarship and the Candy Gold Memorial Scholarship. The Esther Mintz Flanagan Scholarship and Nancy Solomon Memorial Scholarship were awarded to Ethan Mednick.

The FCSD congratulates these outstanding students for their scholastic achievements and service to the community. They make their families and their school very proud.