FCSD Family Is Gold: October 2021

FCSD Family is Gold
Boxing Champions at Junior Olympics

FALLSBURG, October 2021– The Zempoaltecatls are a close-knit family with four children in the Fallsburg Central School District, and all four recently brought home gold medals in boxing from the National Junior Olympics in Lubbock, TX.

Boxing has been a unifying force for the family. Their father, German (pronounced Herr’ man, loved to box as he worked during the day in the fields of Mexico where he grew up. After he came to America and was raising a family with his wife, Arianna Martinez, he bought a pair of the smallest sized gloves for his two-year-old firstborn child, Ryan. German enjoyed teaching his son, and the boy took to the sport even as young as he was.

In the next year, Nataly was born. She watched her older brother sparring with dad. Three years later, Kimberly joined the family, and a year after that came Jocelyn. One by one, when the girls reached eight or nine years old, they joined their big brother training and boxing as part of the Junior Olympics Tournament. The age for beginners is eight years old.

Arianna and German are incredibly supportive of all the children. Dad has been their personal trainer and coach. Mom has made sure that they eat well and take care of their health. Both have taken the kids to practice at local or regional gyms and, most importantly, to all regional, state and national competitions for the past seven years.

From July 7 through 17, National Junior Olympic Boxing was held in Lubbock, Texas. The children have been successful at these national events since they started attending. This year all four added gold medals in their weight and age classes! The family house in Fallsburg is filled with medals and championship belts earned by the young boxers.

When asked how she got started boxing, 13-year-old Nataly said she was a chubby little girl and wanted to lose weight. So, she started boxing with her dad and older brother. She soon lost several pounds and “got in shape.” She began to eat better and got stronger. When she first competed at age nine, she realized that she was good at the sport. Moreover, she added that the discipline and exercise of boxing was helping her with her academics. Nataly was more focused as a result of her training and awareness in the boxing ring.

Mom says that all the children will say the same thing about how much they have learned from their involvement in the sport. That was what motivated German as a young boy and man to encourage his children.

The Zempoaltecatl children bring pride to the family, to their schools and to the Fallsburg community. As the children get older and the cost of travel increases, it is more and more challenging to afford the costs. Right now, mom and dad are pursuing sponsorship and community support for these young athletes. The children will be defending their titles in Shreveport, Louisiana in December.