From the Files of the Hurleyville Sentinel: September 2021


Compiled by Sullivan County Historian John Conway _____________________________________________________________________________________________

September 13, 1916
News of the Week
George Calhoun, formerly superintendent of highways for the Town of Fallsburg and who supervised the building of the stone road from Fallsburg Station to the Thompson town line as well as the stone road from Centerville to Glen Wild, has been engaged by Superintendent Wm. Nelson to operate the steam roller on the macadam extension which will be constructed on the Sackett Lake Road this fall, work which will be begun in the near future.
Clarence Baker is preparing to open an electrical supply house in Hurleyville and is prepared to install Western Electric stationary lighting plants. Now that we have electricity, Hurleyville is in need of just such a man as Mr. Baker, who can always be found and can be relied upon to do the right thing and we trust that the people will give him the patronage that such a business needs for support.
Yesterday afternoon about two o’clock the barn of Charles Spitzer’s farm near Divine Corners caught fire and was completely destroyed with about 40 tons of hay and farming implements, involving a total loss of $2,000, there being but $600 insurance on the building. It is not known how the fire started as there was no one in the building and Mr. Spitzer had just gone to Divine Corners and was on his return when he saw the smoke. It was with difficulty that the home was saved although there was plenty of water.

September 27, 1916
News of the Week
Centerville Station is to be the scene of the first Jewish newspaper to be published in this section if not this side of New York. We wish the new venture success.
The 1917 Chevrolet is now ready for delivery. Many improvements, among them being a heavier model cone clutch, full honeycomb radiator, electric lights and starter complete for $525 delivered, including speedometer. The cheapest electrically equipped car in the world.
– I. T. McNally, Hurleyville, agent.
Mr. Decker, who conducted a hardware store in Hurleyville several years ago but who moved to Poughkeepsie, selling his business to E G Pierson, was in town last week calling on friends.
We understand Asa Kortright and Mrs. Walter Lawrence were united in marriage this week and she has moved her family from Hurleyville and joined his family at Divine Corners.

September 10, 1937
Quietest Labor Day for Sullivan County
The quietest Labor Day holiday ever to occur since Sullivan County became famous as a summer resort was experienced over the past weekend. Although several opinions were heard as to the date of the last concurrence of the Jewish New Year and Labor Day, all were agreed that it was before the present century.
Stores took a three day holiday which started Sunday and extended until Tuesday night. Even restaurants open twenty-four hours daily were closed for the duration of the Jewish holiday. Somewhat similar conditions prevailed in Monticello, South Fallsburg, Liberty and Woodridge.
Some of the large hotels engaged cantors to conduct religious services while in almost every other resort laymen took charge. Sports and dancing were kept to a minimum, but even though these conditions had been anticipated, all hotels were liberally patronized, though perhaps not quite so heavily as on other Labor Day weekends.

Annual G.O.P. Picnic Marks Opening of Election Campaign
Lewis K. Rockefeller of Hudson, Republican designee for Congress, William A. Chandler of Neversink, candidate for Assemblyman, District Attorney Henry Hirschberg of Newburgh, William R, Ryan, candidate for County Treasurer, Special Judge Henry F. Gardner of Callicoon, P.V.D. Gott of Goshen, and others will be among the speakers Saturday evening, September 11 at the annual Republican picnic and rally at the Sackett Lake House, three miles from Monticello. Republicans from all 15 towns are invited to attend, Chairman Howard Beecher said today. The picnic is under the auspices of the Town of Thompson Republican clubs.
Prominent Democrat Passes Away
Political friends and foes alike paid tribute on Wednesday to the memory of John K. Evans of Bloomingburg, former Assemblyman and leader of Sullivan County Democrats for more than 40 years, who died Saturday at Horton Memorial Hospital in Middletown.