Hamlet Happenings: April 2021

by Kathleen Sullivan


Hurleyville-Sullivan First has applied for a 2021 Sullivan Renaissance Community Beautification Grant to use for the care of the projects that make Hurleyville an oasis in the Town of Fallsburg.
Volunteers are needed to help get gardens, planters and barrels ready for planting. Work dates will be announced soon.
Save the date – Saturday, June 5…2 – 6 p.m…weather permitting. The Hurleyville Performing Arts Centre and Hurleyville-Sullivan First invite everyone to “CELEBRATE HURLEYVILLE.” The event will feature fun activities and entertainment for the whole family. Protocols for social distancing, disinfection and cleaning will be followed.

Please visit www.hurleyvilleny.com for more information about Hurleyville-Sullivan First. You can also visit Hurleyville-Sullivan First on Facebook.


The Hurleyville United Methodist Church is open for Sunday services. Easter Services will begin at 9 a.m. on Sunday, April 4.

The Bible study group meets in the sanctuary at the church every Tuesday at 7:00pm.

Pastor Jorge is delivering sermons online on Facebook at 11 a.m. on Sundays.

You can pray with others over the phone on the church’s prayer line on Sundays from 7 – 8 p.m. The prayer line phone number is 605-472-5491 and the access code is 251678.

Pre-made boxes of food, personal hygiene products and COVID-19 supplies are distributed to individuals and families in need by the volunteers at the Bread of Life Food Pantry. The food pantry will be open on Thursday, April 22 and on Thursday, April 29 from 3 until 5 p.m.

Protocols for social distancing, mask-wearing, disinfection and cleaning are being followed at all activities.

“MESSY CHURCH”, Youth Group meetings and the women’s group meetings are cancelled for now.

Please call Katrina at 845-436-7942 for more information. You can also get updates from the church’s page on Facebook.


The Sullivan County Museum has been closed to the public for the past year because of COVID-19. It’s hoped that the building will be able to reopen in the spring. Dedicated volunteers have been working on research requests during the closure.

The members of the Historical Society look forward to expanding the group of volunteers at the museum. Anyone interested in genealogy and/or the history of life in Sullivan County can send an email to info@scnyhistory.org for information on volunteering. Volunteers work on a variety of tasks including research, creating displays, managing the vintage clothing collection and gardening. Senior citizens may qualify for travel reimbursement through the Sullivan County RSVP program. Community service requirements for Sullivan County students may also be fulfilled by volunteering at the museum.

Thanks to Myron Gittell and his publishing company, Load N Go Press, for the re-publication of “Seeking Our Fortunes in the North” by Myra B. Young Armstead, Ph.D. This fascinating, well-documented work explores the history of the African-American population of Sullivan County from 1930-1980. The book costs $10.00 and is available at the Hurleyville General Store, the Kristt Company, The Canal Towne Emporium, the Kiamesha Mobil Station and the Miss Monticello Diner. The book can also be ordered by mail. Send a check for $13.00 (includes tax, shipping and handling) to the Sullivan County Historical Society, Post Office Box 247, Hurleyville, New York 12747.

Go to www.scnyhistory.org for more information on the Sullivan County Historical Society and the Sullivan County Museum. You can also visit the Sullivan County Historical Society and Museum on Facebook.


No news is still good news for everyone who lives in the area surrounding Columbia Hill!

The developer of Gan Eden Estates has not yet submitted the new DEIS (Draft Environmental Impact Statement) to the Town of Thompson Planning Board. The statement which must address environmental factors and concerns will be subject to public review and comment before it is considered for approval and acceptance. The Planning Board will then review the applicant’s site plan application which will require another public hearing before any approval to allow site work to commence.

The members of CHNA continue to monitor and provide input on this ongoing process.
The CHNA steering committee holds a monthly Zoom meeting to share information and discuss strategy in preparation for when the development comprised of 535 residential units next appears on the agenda of the Town of Thompson Planning Board for review or action.

There are many concerns yet to be addressed by the numerous agencies involved in the process including:
• Do the development’s wells have the actual capacity to serve the thousands of potential residents of the development?
• Will ongoing storm water runoff problems be addressed?
• What kind wastewater treatment plant will be built?
• Is there a viable discharge route for the treated effluent which will flow into the nearby East Branch of the Mongaup River (a Class B trout stream)?
• Have hazardous traffic conditions been identified and addressed?
• Will the problem of light and noise pollution be resolved?

The developer’s application to the Delaware River Basin Commission for a groundwater withdrawal project to supply a proposed public water supply system is still pending.

Visit CHNA at www.columbiahill.org and on Facebook to learn how you can help to protect your environment and your community.