Inquiring Photographer: April 2021

The Inquiring Photographer
by Kathleen Sullivan

Q. What was your most embarrassing moment?

While playing tag outside with my kids I slipped in a puddle of mud and got mud all over my left leg.

I was in the first grade in school in Fallsburg. Our teacher, Miss Peters, asked us what our parents did at work. My dad worked at IBM in Fishkill. I thought that was boring. I replied that my father worked in the circus and travelled a lot. Miss Peters believed that until a parent-teacher conference a few months later. She said to my father, “I’ve been waiting for you and I have some questions.” My father had no idea what she was talking about. She asked about all the travelling he did. My father replied, “I go to work every day. I work in Fishkill.” Miss Peters called me out in front of the whole class the next day.

It happened when I was in church. I almost drank the whole cup of wine at communion. I didn’t have a hangover, BUT I was happy afterwards.