Inquiring Photographer: May 2020


May 10th is Mother’s Day…a special day to honor all mothers and motherhood.
What’s one of your favorite memories of your mother?

ALYCE BARR (pictured with her mother, Rose Barr)

We went to the Grahamsville Fair. It was August 17, 2012, six days after my mother’s 99th birthday, less than a month after she had a pacemaker implanted in her chest. She reluctantly agreed to the surgery, because the doctors told her it would allow her to continue to live independently in her house on Little Pond Road in Hurleyville. At the fair, she stopped at each stall, admiring all the 4H animals. My mother loved her life in Hurleyville: the trees, the air, the change of seasons, and most of all, the birds which she fed and watched from her porch. At age 102, my mother passed away in 2016. We have a special connection to this paper. As a girl, Rose delivered the Hurleyville Sentinel before school.

MARI-JANE CONKLIN (pictured with her mother, Sophie Fedun)

I was the baby of the family so I guess I was a little spoiled…LOL.
The best thing I remember about mom was we were very close. She was always there to listen to me whether I was happy or sad or good or bad. Mom was always so good-hearted.

TERI DIMARSICO (pictured with her mother, Helen Carlson and her sister, Toni McKay)
My fondest memories of mom are from family reunions in Hurleyville. She loved being able to see everyone. After dad died I promised her that we would make sure she still went to the reunions. She was able to attend the reunions and to visit her sister, Gail Makofsky, until 2014 when her health prevented her from traveling. Mom was the queen of sending cards for all occasions…this was part of her legacy. We always had lots of visitors at our house for the holidays and everyone helped to decorate the Christmas tree. Mom was always happiest when she was with family…in person or on the phone. Family was everything to her.