Inquiring Photographer: June 2019

Fathers’ Day is Sunday, June 16th.
What does your dad mean to you?

My dad means the world to me!

My dad is the person I can always call on. He’ll always be there for me.

My dad is the connector in our family. He keeps us together…always planning family gatherings and reunions. He has endless energy. He is always doing more and he’s always seeking out the next travel destination.

My dad is and always will be my miracle, my hope and my strength. He gave me a life and family a child in my shoes could only have hoped for. He loves me enough to let me make mistakes and to use those mistakes as teaching moments. As a child he loved me at my worst, despite my actions, never giving up or losing sight of who I truly was. He saw potential and greatness, not only in me but in my abilities, as challenging as I was. He does the right thing, not the easy thing. He consistently makes a difference for those around him. Looking back on everything he did for me, I hope I’m half the dad he didn’t have to be, but chose to be.