From the Files of the Hurleyville Sentinel: March 2021


Compiled by Sullivan County Historian John Conway
March 12, 1937
County Bar Opposes Larger High Court
The Sullivan County Bar Association by a unanimous vote Monday adopted a resolution condemning President Roosevelt’s Supreme Court enlargement plan as a menace to the Constitution and to individual liberties.
The Association also informally condemned the proposal of the March Grand Jury for a sharp increase in legal filing fees and recommended that a committee appear before the Board of Supervisors to explain the attitude of the bar toward the proposed $15 filing fee suggested by the Grand Jury.
Two speakers criticized the Roosevelt court plan. They were Ellsworth Baker, Republican, and Lazarus I. Levine, former special judge, a Democrat.
The resolution, introduced by Joseph Cooke, and seconded by Mr. Baker, read in part:
“Resolved that any legislation affecting the membership of the Supreme Court of the United States is disapproved and that the secretaries be directed to send copies of this resolution to all Senators and Representatives from the State of New York.”

Plane Shuttle is Considered
An airline operating company has shown interest in the proposed Sullivan County airport, it has been learned, with a view to establishment of a daily shuttle service between Sullivan County and the metropolitan area.
Leon S. Miroff, who operates a ticket brokerage business in Monticello said he had received inquiries from one of the three major airlines which he represents, regarding prospects for construction of the field. This company, according to Mr. Miroff, is prepared to institute a daily plane service between New York City and the Swan Lake field.
It has been pointed out that such a passenger service would yield considerable revenue to the County. In other counties where such publicly owned fields are used by commercial operators, revenue is based either on a fee for each passenger handled or a fee for each plane landed.

March 19, 1937
Localite Awarded $500 for Injury
Francis Lawrence of Hurleyville, employed by Fallsburg township, won a lump sum award of $500 for loss of hearing in his left ear suffered in the Autumn of 1935 when a box of dynamite blasting caps exploded accidentally on a town truck on which he was riding.
Lawrence was working on a town road near Hasbrouck when the explosives were jarred out of place by a bump in the road and fell from the seat to the truck floor. He suffered severe injury to his left arm and left side. Pieces of metal embedded themselves in the flesh. Lawrence was represented by Edwin L. Greene of Monticello.
Hurleyville Woman Dies
Mrs. Mary Zelinsky, sixty-nine, resident of Hurleyville for many years, died at the home of her son-in-law, John Julkerski, here last Saturday. Her daughter, Mrs. Julkerski, died several years ago, and she continued to make her home with her son-in-law. She was born in Poland.

Sullivan Farmers Start to Tap Sugar Maples
Although information gleaned throughout the state would indicate New York farmers anticipate the best maple sugar season in four years, Sullivan County farmers who work sugar bushes are not yet ready to say whether this year’s run will be better or worse than average.
There is considerably less maple sugar produced in this county now than formerly, although many farmers still make it a regular early spring job. Those questioned say that February and march were warm and apparently favorable to to inducing good sap flow, but their observation is that the weather is not yet warm enough in the daytime.
The larger syrup producers of this county average from 100 to 200 gallons per operator. The price is expected to hold up well this year, early run syrup already having brought from $2 to $2.30 in other parts of the state. Most of the Sullivan County production is sold locally.

March 26, 1937

Jacobson Damage Suit Settled
A settlement of the damage suit instituted by Mrs. Max Jacobson of Hurleyville for injuries suffered in an accident last year was made in court on Monday. The settlement with the insurance company was reached before the completions of the trial before Justice Sydney F. Foster and a jury. Mrs. Jacobson was represented by Lazarus I. Levine.
The suit was the outcome of an accident that occurred January 12, 1936 on the Wurtsboro Mountain as she and her son, Perk Jacobson, were returning from New York. Their car crashed into the back of a truck driven by William Hardcopf of Hackensack, N.J. and the plaintiff suffered several painful injuries. Hardcopf was represented by Gross & Orseck of Liberty. The amount of the settlement could not be ascertained.

Easter Food Sale
An Easter Food Sale, under the auspices of the Ladies Aid of the local M.E. Church, will be held on Saturday afternoon, March 27 at two-thirty in the George Van Keuren store. The food for sale will include home made potato salad, rolls, biscuit, bread, baked beans, cakes, and pies.