Inquiring Photographer: November 2020

The Inquiring Photographer
November, 2020
by Kathleen Sullivan

Q. How did you, or how are you planning to, vote? What issues facing us today are important to you? (Asked prior to Election Day.)

I’ll vote in person. COVID-19, the economy and healthcare are issues that are important to me. I hope that the persons elected live up to their campaign promises.

I’ll be voting in person. As an American, I will join millions of other patriotic Americans to exercise my constitutional right of voting for the leaders who are determined to steer our country into greater heights. It is my belief that democracy is not a spectator sport. My commitment to voting is required to play my role in bringing the required change for the sake of our current and future generations. The aggregate of individual roles will yield a big achievement in the spectrum of democracy. My vote will be based on the most practical policies fronted by the candidates in solving the pressing issues that affect our country. The United States is in a state of uncertainty and turmoil. We are being characterized by record-shattering climate and weather disasters, a spurting economy, media landscape muddied with conspiracy theories, disinformation, racial reckoning and civil unrests as well as a pandemic. These major issues have dominated the debates on the campaign trail. My vote is underpinned on the coordinated responses towards healthcare, inequality, immigration, climate change, foreign policy and violent crimes.