Poetry by Mimi: July 2021


It was a beautiful day in our neighborhood
The sun…how it gleamed in the sky
I stopped to say hi to a friend
We talked a while then said goodbye

I laughed about not having bricks
In my pockets to hold me down
Because gusts of winds in the forecast
Would pick me up then drop me on the ground

I fought like a champ against it
But then right in front of my eyes
I thought “Is that lint from a dryer?”
No, what an unexpected surprise

Mother Nature was at it again
She allowed us to be all aglow
That Spring was finally here
Then she gave us a shower of SNOW!!

So, here’s some advice that I’m giving myself
When the daffodils bloom do take note
That it might not be until May
When I can store my warm winter coat!

– Mimi
July, 2021