Poetry by Mimi: July 2022


They say that when you have problems
There’s someone whose problems are worse
You’ve had days when you don’t want to get out of bed
You’d prefer to stay home and just curse!

Are there too many things to be juggled?
Trying to keep all the balls in the air
The hours in the day just aren’t enough
And it seems that life isn’t fair

There are ways to take hold and gain control of your life
And see just how it will go
Take a paper and pencil and jot down your thoughts
Once you start your feelings will flow

Write down even the smallest of things
You are grateful for every day
It could simply be that you saw the sun rise
Or that there are no pressing bills you must pay

In these days of such mass disillusion
One can’t always know what path to pursue
Life has been stressful day after day
So we often don’t know what to do

How about also trying some relaxation techniques
They can help you when you’re feeling stressed
Try slowing your breathing or practicing yoga
This might lift your spirits if you’re depressed

If all else fails find a quiet corner
Think of a prayer you can say
Perhaps it will be the one that is answered
Making this one your special day

– Mimi
July, 2022