The Little Free Library: July 2022

The Little Free Library Not Moving After All
by Elaine Corrington
July 2022

Were you wondering about where the Little Free Library’s new location might be? Well, wonder no longer.

The library’s original location had to be changed once construction of the Main Street Mews building began. So, it was moved across the street to the park maintained by the local Hurleyville-Sullivan First group in front of the newly open Tango Café.

Now, thanks to Sam, Brian, and other members of The Center for Discovery’s Wheel Kitchen, two new book barns will be added to the first barn so that young kids, more mature readers, and the Groanin’ Ups can all find the books they are looking for. The improvements to the Little Free Library were funded by the 2022 Beautification Grant Hurleyville-Sullivan First received from Sullivan Renaissance.

With the new barns ready for installation, the search began for the best place to locate the new version of the Little Free Library. Not just any place would do. The idea of placing it in the pond by the Rail Trail was immediately rejected. Putting it In the middle of the basketball courts was rejected. The kids park wasn’t right, since people couldn’t spot it easily or find a place to sit. On the Farm? Nope.
HMMMM. Where, where, where?

Well, as it turns out, all heads were thinking alike. It was in a great location already! It just needed a rebooting: perhaps a chair or bench for the Groanin’ ups to sit. Get rid of that big ugly plastic bin that held up the single small barn, which was too high for kids to reach, and toss all of the reading items that got soaked from the winter storms.

The kids could still sit in the wooden mushrooms, or on the ground. Any reason to go to Main Street in Hurleyville would allow you to check out the barns and find a book to take home or read right there.

The work is now in progress. The Center for Discovery will take away the old, and local volunteers will establish the new Book Farm. Keep your eyes open, and watch as the area has books you want to read or to share with others.